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Do You Need a Treatment Plan?

Have you ever wondered what living with less pain or even completely pain-free would be like? Have you ever thought about all the things you could do if you could just get your body to cooperate? Do you struggle with pain daily or so frequently that it’s become a part of your normal life and you just accept it? Do you feel great after your massage for several days only for the pain to return the further you get away from your last appointment? If so, have you ever thought about talking to your massage therapist about a treatment plan? 

I know a lot of people consider massage a luxury service, but it can actually be part of your regular healthcare routine that keeps you out of pain and your body functioning well. These regular massage appointments can be developed into a real treatment plan; something you and your massage therapist come together to create and customize to your body’s needs. What that looks like is different for everyone. For some that may mean frequent appointments to begin with, then spread out appointments once their pain or injury is healing and under control, and maintenance is all that’s needed. For others, especially those with chronic conditions, that may mean steady appointments to keep their issues at bay. Each issue or condition calls for a different approach, and each body responds differently to each approach. Your massage therapist may combine multiple modalities in order to address your problems, test certain therapies and treatments to see what you respond to best and adjust each session accordingly. The beauty of creating a treatment plan is that it’s your treatment plan. You and your massage therapist can tweak and adjust your sessions as you go. You may find certain modalities work better than others, and you may find certain time limits work better. The goal is to customize the treatment plan to your body so you can get the best results.

How do you go about creating a treatment plan with your massage therapist? The two of you will sit down and talk in-depth about your issues as well as make a few short-term and long-term goals you want to aim for throughout your treatment. At each session, and regularly throughout treatment, we’ll re-evaluate to see what progress has been made toward those goals. Be sure you’re keeping an open line of communication between you and your massage therapist in order to maintain a beneficial treatment plan. This allows you to make changes as needed in order to get optimal results. 

Treatment plans can be extremely beneficial for those who have conditions and injuries that get in the way of their everyday life. When you create a treatment plan with your massage therapist, you’re not only focusing on your health care, you’re increasing your quality of life as well. So, let’s get started making your treatment plan today!

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